Crazy elephant

The special elephant of Moti King Sahab. It was easy and reasonable, but sometimes it was warmer and he did not live at home. In this state, he did not care about anything or the pressure of Mahabat. In this madness, he killed his Mahavat. When Raja Saheb heard the news, he became very angry. He dropped the title of the pearl. Raja Saheb’s approach was refused. Like the poles, he had to manipulate the forest, lay stones and tie it in the night with big chains under Peepal. The night is closed Dry branches stood in front of him, he chewed them and washed away the famine. If he had mixed his condition with the first, he would have become very unstable. He thought I was the King’s most popular elephant and he is now a humble worker. After all, he was so excited that he broke the iron chains and rushed into the forest.

There was a river in the distance. The pearls first entered this river and were very well bathed. Then go from there to the forest. Here King Saheb’s men ran to catch him, but no one could scare him to look for him. The forest animal has entered the forest.

When he reached the jungle, he looked for his colleagues. As he walked further, the elephants saw a broken rope around his neck and feet and turned his face away. Do not ask your point. He probably meant that you were a slave, now you are carefree, your place is not in this forest. As long as they did not disappear from their eyes, the pearl was there. Then, do not stop thinking about fleeing the palace.

In the street he saw that the king was riding horses with the horse-hunters. He immediately hid under a big rock. The sunlight was fast, King Sahab got off the horse to breathe. Suddenly the pearl ran out of clothes and ran to King Sahab. King Sahab ran away and ran to a small hut. After a while, the pearl was reached. He saw King Saheb enter. He first laid the roof on his neck, then squeezed it with his feet and squeezed it.

In the death of the king was the worst case of fear. There was no hope of survival.

Результат пошуку зображень за запитом "Crazy elephant"If he did not find anything, he went back to the wall, jumped to the other side and ran away. Pearl wandered through the door at the door, wondering how she should break the wall. After all, the wall went down. What is the thrust of the crazy elephant’s mud wall? When the king did not enter, he let go of the remaining walls and headed for the forest.

After returning home, King Sahab hit the person who would like to catch the pearl and is rewarded with a thousand rupees. Many men have gone to the woods to catch it in the greed of reward. But none of them came back. There was a child of Motis Mahati. His name was Murali. Now he was eight and nine years old, so King Sahab gave him and his mother something to eat and get dressed. Murali was so brave for the child, knotted at the waist and ready to catch the pearl. But the mother explained many things, and people also refused, but she listened to no one and went to the woods. In the jungle, I looked around and looked around. After all, he saw that the pearl was leaning on the same tree. His movements seemed to show that his mood was getting colder. As soon as the pearl fell under this tree, she pumped on the tree: “Pearl!”

Pearl knew that voice. He stopped there, looked up and looked up. Recognized to see Murali It was the same Murali that stood on his head after raising his hook! “I just killed her father,” she said regretfully. Fortunately, he started moving the hooks. Murali recognized his spirit. He landed on the tree and started to get to his scent. Then he motioned her to sit down.Moti did not sit down, took Murali in his purse, sat on his head as before and walked to the palace. When Murali arrived at the entrance to the palace where Moti was, everyone bit their teeth. Nobody has yet had the courage to go to the pearl. Murali exclaimed: “Do not worry, the pearl has become absolutely simple, now you will not talk to anyone.” The king came anxiously before the pearl. As they are wonderful, the same crazy pearl stands like a cow. He gave Murali a reward of a thousand rupees, turned it into a special Mahav, and Moti became King Saheb’s sweetest elephant.

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