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Do you know how the New Year is celebrated in India? Do you know festivals like Pongal, Ugadi or Gudi Padwa? These are, of course, all the traditional Indian New Year celebrations, but in this lesson we focus on the Western New Year, which is celebrated on December 31st.

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Where are the most popular New Year’s celebrations celebrated in India?

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In India, every religious and linguistic community welcomes the New Year with its own festival, Utsav. While the Marwaris view Diwali as the beginning of the New Year in the fall, other communities are celebrating it as spring arrives in April. Different communities also refer to these celebrations under different names. They are called Bihu in Assam, Lusong in Sikkim, Poila Boisakh in Bengal, Gudi Padwa in Maharashtra, Ugadi in Andhra, Vishu in Kerala, etc. These are all traditional Indian New Year celebrations.

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On December 31, the Western New Year is also celebrated in India with equal fervor, in Hindi Bharat. The New Year is so well received in India because of the 200 years of British rule and legacies left behind. As in other countries, Indians celebrate the New Year with good food, drinks and Some people looking for informaiton about christmas Day 2018 And some people wondering for both like Merry christmas and happy new year
joy in the company of friends and family.

People meet in the afternoon of December 31 with their family or Parivar and their friends or Dosto. There are countdowns for midnight on television and people gather to party in clubs, homes, shops and restaurants. The big stars of Bollywood participate in gigantic concerts that are presented to a large crowd. It is common for people to make resolutions, buy and distribute treats and when the alarm rings, noon, people want “Happy New Year” or “Naya Hall Mubarak Ho”.

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In Mumbai, many people gather in strategic locations to celebrate the new year. Popular places in the city are Gateway of India, Bandra Bandstand and Juhu Beach.

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